Visiting schools

I want Hannah to visit my school

Hannah Founder of Zemzam Inspiring Change has started to deliver motivation talks in High Schools & Sixth Forms. We have received fabulous feedback from these, Cardinal Newman Catholic School Deputy Head & Head of Sixth Form stated; 

"I sat there, enthralled with her story. I had goose- bumps when I listened to her words of wisdom, from one so young, truly relating and inspiring my students. They were engrossed in her story and totally focussed and listening, hanging from her every word. I never thought that the girl that I knew, 7 years ago, would inspire me – a teacher nearing retirement. But she did. I have nothing but admiration for her. She was an incredible speaker – totally prepared and articulate.

The students wrote appraisals afterwards and they all wrote how brilliant it was that someone that they could relate to, a girl from Lewsey Farm, could totally inspire them and motivate them. There was a buzz around Sixth Form that I have never witnessed before. This is a young lady who is going places, and we at Newman Sixth wish her every success setting up her charity ‘Zemzam Inspiring Change'."

Visiting Youth Clubs

I want Hannah to visit my Youth Club

Delivering motivation speeches and giving examples to young people on how to be the best versions of themselves. 

Visiting Universities

I want Hannah to visit my University

Delivering motivation speeches & talking about life through University and after University 

Inspiring change

I want Hannah to visit my Organisation

We will visit anywhere that we're needed to help spread the word to the people of our future!